Chapter 1: And So it begins… again

I quit drinking three days ago. I did so on that specific date as my besties birthday falls on the 15th of the 3rd month and for some reason – of all the billions of dates and numbers I carry around in my head I always remember her date. No idea what year she was born, however – I figured attaching one of my favourite humans to a momentous occasion – my mush brain was sure to be triggered. Plus she’s a fricken legend worthy of the number 15.

Giving up booze is like giving anything up – drugs, cigarettes, junk food, reality tv, social media, gluten – just have something to replace it with. For me that was writing.

After taking a nearly twenty year hiatus on what was probably supposed to be my life purpose – it took giving up alcohol to welcome writing back. Goodie.

So here is where the journey starts. The hope is to pen an Historical Fiction and enter it into the Hungerford Awards. Bold considering I probably can’t write for shit and am most likely super, duper rusty.

However the floodgates of my really, really messy mind seem to have unleashed the memoiric demons of my first pregnancy and they don’t seem to be settling back down to suppression town. Bollocks.

Who knows where this will all lead. Who knows what will come of any of it – if anythinng at all.

My hope is I’ll make someone laugh, educate myself on everything that feeds my passion and with any luck – maybe see some success along the way.

Time will tell.

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