Chapter 2: Dear Tererai Trent

Tinogona: It is achievable.


Dear Dr Tererai Trent

This was my awakening for 2018! There were a few books that helped me overcome my love of the vino and this one helped me overcome the fear of remembering who I was – other than an extraordinarily talented boozer. It fell from the heavens into my lap!

All the quotes that follow for some reason say it’s by Oprah Winfrey – she writes an amazing foreword – but the book is by the inspirational Dr Tererai Trent. What a beauty!

Go to Lewis Howes site and listen to this interview for inspo. It’s lovely and engaging. My kids AND my husband were intrigued and trying to keep their attention on anything other than a screen is nothing short of a miracle, so there must be some kind of magical pull involved!

I won’t even bother revealing how each quote below helped, the bookmarks speak for themselves and every second paragraph has gems like these. This book is worthy of your time.

What an amazing woman and an amazing tale. Tererai has definitely been a big influence on my dream chasing, getting this blog up and running, writing my truth as well as encouraging fearlessness to have a crack.

While her focus is on women across the world to take up their calling, discover and live their purpose, this is definitely one for men to read too – for their own understanding and for their own calling so that we can move forward together – bullshit-free.

There is nothing hippie-dippie about any of it. It’s raw, truthful and real. The takeaway’s are awesome.

The Awakened Woman came at a time I was sick to death of losing my shit and feeling like a failure in my forties and STILL lost. It helped me eliminate the distractions and crap in life and move forward.

Her words and her story pushes you to get out of your head, be brave and follow your path – even it it’s an isolating one. Even if you are the only one who believes in it. Even if others judge, poo-poo and think you’re insane. Her words gave me the strength to listen to my gut and to the signs and to the woo-woo – and just effing do it!!!

This was the tonic I didn’t even know I needed.

Eternally grateful and highly recommend The Awakened Woman, By Dr Tererai Trent and everything associated with this empowering woman. 



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