Chapter 47: Confucius

Writing Exercise: Fortune Cookies

This was a cool one. I love food writing prompts. They’re the best. I got:

Be most affectionate tonight.

The alarm blared.

“It’s okay. You only need to leave when you hear ‘evacuate’,” the staff called jovially, and patrons returned to the library like luggage on a carousel.


“For shit sakes,” Gloria moaned.

“Oh, that’s funny,” Eloise laughed as staff began ushering them toward the exit doors.

“I guess that’s it then. What a waste of bloody time,” said Gloria.

“The night is young! How about a cafe? Not all alarms are ringing.”


“C’mon. Hot chocolate’s on me,” Eloise grinned charmingly and rustled her bag. “Still got the chockie stash too.”

Gloria smiled.

“Oh, alright. Let’s go then.”

For an hour the two women, practically strangers – shared their stories, their past, their highs and woes of being poets in a world crazed and beautiful. The cafe played fifties songs and they would pause from their camaraderie to sing along and sip the luke warm drinks.

“Thank you Eloise. Sincerely. I haven’t laughed, or thought that deeply on anything for such a long time.”

Gloria rested her hand on Eloise’s coat. It was warm and furry, much like the night. They hugged like family do and walked back to their cold cars. Not even the late night inhabitants of the shady shopping centre could dampen this fleeting loveliness and with keys in stabbing grip they floated. This was the type of car park where serial killers dared not loiter. It felt like they were walking on air. 

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