Chapter 48: Dream Poetry

Writers Group Exercise: 

Dreamy, steamy, Jakey

Appearing very suddenly
I saw you at the bar
Smiling back at me
Gorgeously from afar
We kiss
We caress
Every time we meet
Long forgotten puppy love
Deliciously sweet
Hand holding
Neck nuzzles
We warmly embrace
Paranoid thoughts
As you stroke my face
Did I pluck my bits?
Did I get that wax?
Did I put deodorant on?
Why can’t I just relax?
Here I am on a spaceship
Inside the honeymoon suite
Jake Gyllenhaal is with me
Tenderly kissing my feet
It’s then the penny drops
All too good to be true
I hate my feet being touched
Brain takes the body’s cue
Overheating in my bed
Jake tells me something’s wrong
Don’t want to leave, but stifling
The electric blanket is on


It’s funny how the brain works. I used to have a little crush on JG and have dreamt of him before. The dreams are never erotic, just sweet and so lovely I wake up sad. Not because of him, but that beautiful sensation of that young puppy love bubble and the realisation it’s actually not real and your twenty years older with a husband, kids, dog, mortgage, grey hair and wrinkles.



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