Chapter 77: Poetry Then & Now…Part 2

Writers group is great for my mental health, not so much for my ever expanding arse – the nibbles are first rate.

Tonight we were treated to a delightful host, delightful poetry, classical, beautiful words in intricate covers and pages.

I read the Jabberwocky word for word – exactly how my grade 3 teacher had brain washed our class all those decades ago. It was wonderful to recite and it seemed a few of us took a trip down poetry lane.

The writing exercise was

Choose a topic and a style

from the hat of funness. I chose Boiling Bunnies which I painstakingly wrote an epitaph and limerick about. The limerick was bloody hard – much harder than I remember when I used to write them as a kid. The topic made it both tricky and hilarious. 15 minutes writing time for each.

Here lies our darling departed

Whose dear lives had barely started

Wee hares courageous and bold

Forever remain, buried and cold

Stark contrast to their sweet cotton tails

Their cutesy little twitches

Once hippity hopped over meadows

and frollicked yonder in ditches

‘Tis a ditch they met a tragic fate

Hungry old traveller came a ‘calling quite late

There was no waning moon

Nor was it sunny

Just a drooling oaf with a giant pot

and a penchant for boiling bunnies


Ashes to ashes

Dust to dust

Add salt and gravy to the rabbit stew you must.

and the really woeful limerick…

There once was a lass from York

Whose head was the shape of a fork

The townsfolk thought it was funny

She would boil a batch of bunnies

and skewer them with BBQ pork

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