Chapter 82: Writing Exercise – Poetry continued.

Another lovely evening filled with laughs and camaraderie at Writers Group last night. We have a new member. A delightfully patient man who had shelved his poetry for a few years and was looking for like-minded people to reacquaint himself with the craft. He gave a few readings which was brave for a first night. We were glad he did. There is something truly beautiful hearing someone read poetry in their mother tongue. Even though none of us understood, the melodic rhythms still sung like a song. It was a privilege to experience.

Unfortunately, it was also the night to read our own work out and have it critiqued. The poor man had to endure my Goddess fem-a-thon epic; as well as a brilliantly written revenge to an ex sample and a poem about mammograms. Much apologies were made and the reassurance we are most definitely an all-inclusive group! Lucky he has a great sense of humour – he’s going to need it.

Writing exercise included Topic & Poetry style. A gorgeous wicked, little woman bought a sack of chocolates so naturally my inspiration was taken from the graveyard of wrappers strewn across the desk before me.

Chocolate. 3 Haiku & an Ode

My sweetie my dear

Milky silky love of mine

Get in my gob now.


My dear chocolate

The two of us will not last

You go to my arse


Me and my blubber

Could never love another

Get in my belly


Ode to Chocolate

My darling

My love

My soft centred turtle dove

Vanilla wings on the breeze

You melt milkily with ease

On my lips

On my tongue

On my hips

On my bum

Forcing me to run

A long distance race

Prevent migration to my waist

They say I am quite silly

Maneuvering all this jelly

At the very least

I probably should cease

Worshipping all I hold true

Beautiful, delicious, fat forming you.

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