Chapter 66: Sampson House, Fremantle

Earlier this year my family and I visited the delightful Sampson House in Fremantle. It was one of those days where everything seemed misty and sparkly and maybe, just maybe fairies were rustling amongst the garden beds. Magic was totally in the air.

And for a history nerd writing about Victorian era Fremantle – THIS was a DREAM! I did not want it to end. I could have easily spent another five people-free hours meandering along the corridors taking it all in.

I’ve already written a couple of reviews on this gem, so I thought I’d share a little poem instead. An ode to this exquisite time capsule. As with most historical things I write I’ve tried to look for the female element, unfortunately because my memory is like a chocolate pudding – I can’t remember any stories from the day. I’m sure there were plenty of fascinating tales about the women of Sampson House. There’s not a whole lot online (or what I know to search for), so I guess there’s nothing for it but to return and do another tour and sink my history teeth in a bit further.

If only I could take up residence for a couple of days. How rich and delicious that would be for my novel! Heavenly pipe dreams.

Sampson House

Scullery maids

High society dining

Spiral staircase

Artful refinery

Boom years

Brief opulence

Lace and steeple envy

New dawn – rifles and dictators

Roses for corn

the conquering warring century

Bobby socks and poodle frills


Fremantle thrills

Cherry cola dates

Old tram chairs

A movie theatre makes

Dark musty halls

Tired and bolstered

Not yet dilapidated

Glorious snapshot

Era preserved

Tourists and artists


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