Chapter 67: On creating a podcast

I sent this in an email to my writing group peers. A year ago I would never have dreamed of suggesting, let alone actually pressing send on something this elaborate and wordy. This is the wonderful privilege of being a member of a group that builds each other up – with minimal expectations and zero judgement. I’m proud to be a part of it.

I also hope they don’t mind me recording parts of our journey on here.

To the WRITERS GROUP I still cannot believe I am a part of,

The podcast world for the unitiated is a rabbit hole that may have us taking on something that reflects other styles and not our own. I think our niche is simple:

  1. Stay true to the group sessions and what is created in them
  2. Keep it simple, yet creative
  3. Edit professionally.

Pros of our group:

  • story tellers
  • diversity,
  • camaraderie
  • love of writing
  • supportive
  • creative
  • open
  • empathetic
  • inclusive
  • evolving

This group is not just about the writing.

Here are some elements that drive me insane as a podcast listener:

Too many talkers on the dance floor:

Even podcasts that are done super professionally with great formatting and sound quality can undo themselves (in my ears) if there are too many people hosting. Whether scripted or in conversation – it can distract from the content because there’s no visual and your brain can’t help but focus on deciphering who is actually speaking. 2 is fine, but even 3 can be frustrating to listen to.

Presuming all listeners are on the same level:

(But without dimming ourselves or the content down) Regarding the writing world – not everyone is in the know and one of the BIGGEST walls in my writing journey has always been the expectation that everyone knows industry jargon, who’s who/what etc – and feeling like an inadequate dummy when I didn’t.

The most wonderful thing about our group is how gentle and patient everyone is when explaining things – without making anyone feel like ninnies. They’re actually really good at putting non-knowing numpties at ease. We need to tappy tap tap into that! (The world does not need another podcast catering to those-in-the-knowers.)

Waffle * Drag on * Ego:

My podcast listening time is limited and PRECIOUS. If a podcast has too long an introduction, or the list of credentials of hosts and guests goes on for longer than 30 seconds, or things sound too self-servy – I’m out. Same if I have to fast forward to the actual content I subscribed for, or if it becomes too over-sharey with opinions, or full of itself – solo or collectively – wrong answer. Gone. I know it’s ruthless, but time wasting is the enemy! If we save the dreamy, contemplative creative thinking for the workshops and approach the podcast more like manic Mum’s on the run, or even better – millennial’s – the content will be tighter, relevant, entertaining and the production fast-paced and shmick.

Conversational style podcasts:

(Personal taste thing) I like a more structured style – either interview with defined Q&A (Joanna Penn) or a more informative, almost documentary style, like the podcast – What’s her name or The Exploress. There is another podcast of similar ilk I really like, however I struggle to listen to as the audio is terrible and they tend to tangent a bit too much.

A semi-scripted style would keep us focused, on target and hopefully produce interesting content and an overall better experience for the listener.

Wrapping this typically wordy waffle up:

What’s been created is truly unique. What I adore about Inklings is the lack of pretension, presumptions and bullshit. There is no mould to fit except a love of writing, a joyful spirit and an acceptance of fellow writers no matter their skill set, personality, nationality, age, credentials, history, or where they’re at on their writing and life journey.


is what sets us apart from so many others and why I come back week after week. It’s not about the race to get published, or focusing just on the individual successes – but nurturing each other whatever the goals each of us has, if any.

A space that shelves superficial shit and focuses on learning, polishing, brainstorming, sharing, supporting, growing – our skills, the group and one another. We truly are a powerful force because we’ve naturally progressed to a stage where we shift, generate and evolve as one. Even when half the group is absent, they are still there, still represented, still part of our collective.

Much like the things I’m writing – what I want to read – the podcast can be exactly that. What would you want to listen to regarding writing? Not another group basking, or another bloody How To – rather – celebrating the potential glory of those wanting to follow their writing passion, or brightening someone’s day with our story and stories. With nothing to gain. No expectations. No monetary exchange. No notoriety. No clickiness. Just a group of extraordinary women, writing and sharing extraordinary things for all the misfits writers out there who don’t fit a mould.

Just. Like. Us.

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