Chapter 101: Writing Exercise – Nature Poetry

why do you howl?
asked the forest to the wind
constant and incessantly
it never seems to end
With a clatter
and a snap
so brash and erupt
We air our concerns
yet you do not give up
We said – “lead like us”
showed you how to change
mentored and monitored
but still you stay the same
like a volatile ghost
whipping about
perpetually morose
why don’t you conform?
nor tone down?
why are you permanently
scarred with a frown?

spent an eon together
now my habit, once my friend
but I fear our toxic timing
is nearing to an end
Convinced myself without you
too weak to cope
too useless, too reliant
no purpose
no hope
But in my lonely travels
made my way back to the sea
across the plains and mountains
brought me back to me
They whispered ever slowly
inner within-ness it did stir
they whispered ever softly

we remember who you were
take our salty wake up

take our comforting air
take our earthly courage
for you we truly care

whilst high upon the cloud tops
as I floated all alone
wispy bliss so peaceful
could not hear you moan
Manipulations deflating
noise makers too
not as abrupt
but I hear what you do

none of that is happening
what rubbish you do speak
more nonsensical censoring
such madness your tongue leaks
always angry, always belligerent
always looking for someone to blame
Our ruptures exist because of you
and your same will forever be insane…

I am more than this
Your noise proves
you know it
actions reek of fear
disdain does show it
i move you
i shake you up
’tis me who sets you free
i give you life
i give you growth
none is possible
without me

then we ask you again
why do you howl?
with a temper
quite foul

Impossible to live a life
impossible to thrive
smothered and snuffed
existing – un-alive
morphed into another
a self I barely know
uptight and irritable
because I cannot go
I cannot be a truth
the one you see invisible
the one you find intolerable
the one you think so critical
you cannot see your cliche
through your very trees
nothing will ever be enough
I can be enough for me.
I howl for I am unlimited
my story wide and vast
like the flower fields
and the oceans
I awaken to all at last.
So I will howl a new tune
to forgive and to yield
and shift as the sun so brightly
in the light of one who is healed.




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