Chapter 102 : Dress to Empress

… Or – Writing Attire.

Where are you going?

My son asked.

To work.

I responded.

Oh? Do you go somewhere to write?


Then why are you dressed up?

Because I’m going to work.

But, you work at home.

Yes, that doesn’t mean I look like a slapped bottom.

You look like that funny art lady from Coco.


You know, the one with the papayas and wants to set everything on fire.

Oh, that is awesome. You mean Frida Kahlo.

Yeah, the one with all the flowers in her hair.

Excellent. My life is complete.


Comparisons to Frida? I’ll take it. Monobrow and all.

So, does it help you write better? Dressing up?

Yeah, it does. It’s good to put in some effort and if you feel good, you write good. Everything seems more creative.

Well, you look nice, Mum. Happy writing today.

Favourite son.

…fine, only son, but whatever.


(…also acknowledging the above pic is the great Salma Hayak.)


Picture Credit: Pixabay


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