Chapter 83: Therapeutic Poetry

By Molly Meary ©

The Art of Walking Away

Come on in.
Thank you for coming today.
To the tour.
To the show
To the art of walking away.
gather round.
Follow one. Follow all.
First stop?
Perfect picture wall.
Take it in, family vibes.
Nordic frames cookie smiles.

Moving on. Moving forward. Moving fast.
Warren of to-do rooms. Imagined future past.
Children’s wing.
Eternal chaotic mess.
Some other mother’s dreams living some other mother’s stress.
Shiny display
Ultimate unlife. Unhome –
swatches of walking away.

It is time. Show stopper – highlight if you please.
crystal ball visions birthed home amidst the trees.
Who would leave these million dollar views? – forward, front, behind.
Clean air. Clear living. Clean stuff. Clear mind?
Ruse. Broken. Ghost theatre. haunted smiles.
Foundations rotten, pipes clogged. resentful bile
Tried. Fought. Forgave. Forgot. Fell.
Lost in pursuit of dreams
Cactus carcus shell.

“You have everything! Everything!
What more do you need?”

Just Me.
New paths partnered
Fresh earth to sow a seed
For my children
For my soul
No longer swayed to stay
The show is over
Time to leave
The art of walking away

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