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Protected: Chapter 93: Writers Group – The Heroine’s Journey

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Chapter 84: Sci-Fi – Anda Globe Corp

Writing Exercise Playing around with dystopian/sci-fi themes in Writers Group recently. This was the result. A little rough, in need of a heavy edit and unfinished – but fun to write. I love sci-fi!! Anda Globe Corp Malleytec walked down the long, dank hall….

Chapter 82: Writing Exercise – Poetry continued.

Another lovely evening filled with laughs and camaraderie at Writers Group last night. We have a new member. A delightfully patient man who had shelved his poetry for a few years and was looking for like-minded people to reacquaint himself with the craft. He…

Chapter 78: Poetry: When I was a Witch

Poetry Exercise. Trying to creatively express some current interests without being so over the top obvious. Failing badly. I’m either subtle as a rodeo hippo or so cryptic that on a re-read even I don’t know what the hell I’m waffling about. To help…

Chapter 76: Poetry Now & Then

Writers Group Session – Poetry. Tonight we will have our poetry critiqued as well as reading out our personal favourites. I’ve got some cliched classics I enjoyed as a child and a teen as well as some new discoveries. I realise the featured image…

Chapter 75: Love Letter – Dear Alanis

This starts off cutting, but I promise it gets kinder. Dear Alanis, The first time I heard you was in my Mum’s shit hot Carona with a custom fitted bonnet to rival any street car – we were quite the envy of my peers….

Chapter 73: Dream Poetry

Writers Group Exercise:  Dreamy, steamy, Jakey Appearing very suddenly I saw you at the bar Smiling back at me Gorgeously from afar We kiss We caress Every time we meet Long forgotten puppy love Deliciously sweet Hand holding Neck nuzzles We warmly embrace Paranoid…

Chapter 72: Confucius

Writing Exercise: Fortune Cookies This was a cool one. I love food writing prompts. They’re the best. I got: Be most affectionate tonight. The alarm blared. “It’s okay. You only need to leave when you hear ‘evacuate’,” the staff yelled out jovially and everyone…

Chapter 65: Writing Exercise – The Eless

Writers Group Exercise Please forgive shoddiness – this is an unedited draft. Opening scene. A small group of characters is gathered together for a particular purpose. Another character enters unexpectedly and does something that sparks a confrontation. Include dialogue and action. Make the setting…

Protected: Chapter 63: First Love Mixtape

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.