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Chapter 88: Fanny Fan Out – Poetry: The Oracle Pythia

The Oracle Pythia – Poetry. This is an ode to the delightful What’s Her Name pod-casters who transported me to ancient Greece during a recent solo commute to Albany. This episode was truly captivating. I cannot recommend these auditory magicians enough if you are…

Chapter 75: Love Letter – Dear Alanis

This starts off cutting, but I promise it gets kinder. Dear Alanis, The first time I heard you was in my Mum’s shit hot Carona with a custom fitted bonnet to rival any street car – we were quite the envy of my peers….

Chapter 74: When God was Femme

Fangirl poetry inspired by real life heroine – Dr Bettany Hughes. Her documentary – When God was a Girl is inspirational. A fascinating and in-depth flip of history and how the past has shaped who we are and why many of the issues we…

Protected: Chapter 69: Fanny Fan Out – Poetry: Enheduanna

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Chapter 68: 500 Words or Less (always more)

Writing Exercise – Fiction: 500 words or less Offred tilts her bonnet to the sky. The shade is almost unbelievable. A blue that makes the earth seem alien. She speaks of patience. A patience she’s been forced to embrace via the rape of her…

Chapter 60: Fiction – The Bus Driver

Zooroup Zelda yanked at the shirt, cursing her poor packing efforts. Tight tops were all the rage back home and she had stocked up at the winter sales. The only flowy garments she owned were either long sleeved or too outdated to be considered…

Protected: Chapter 42: Podcasting Ideas – WA Women

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.