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Chapter 112 : Writers Group Covid19 Skyp

First writers Skype group tonight since corona crazy laid its ugly rotten egg over us all. Little glitchy here and there – but all in all – an awesome night. Didn’t realise how much I would relish seeing familiar faces. It’s all very weird… Continue Reading “Chapter 112 : Writers Group Covid19 Skyp”

Chapter 111: Corona Poetry

Covid19. What an arsehole. Here is today’s thoroughly uplifting efforts. Not your view I walk As in a tomb Live-in ghost room to room I feel Each cranny Every nook I trace I look loving place loving Home warm family meals Navigations Mediations grey… Continue Reading “Chapter 111: Corona Poetry”

Chapter 101: Writing Exercise – Nature Poetry

why do you howl? asked the forest to the wind constant and incessantly it never seems to end With a clatter and a snap so brash and erupt We air our concerns yet you do not give up We said – “lead like us”… Continue Reading “Chapter 101: Writing Exercise – Nature Poetry”

Chapter 98: Heroines Journey – Part 2

Writers Group Exercise Week 2: Homework – re-write a fairy tale based on the Heroines Journey Model. This is my attempt with the steps integrated because my brain isn’t that clever. Enjoy. Snow White and Rose Red STEP 1: Separation from the Feminine. I… Continue Reading “Chapter 98: Heroines Journey – Part 2”

Chapter 97: On creating a podcast

I sent this in an email to my writing group peers. A year ago I would never have dreamed of suggesting, let alone actually pressing send on something this elaborate and wordy. This is the wonderful privilege of being a member of a group… Continue Reading “Chapter 97: On creating a podcast”

Protected: Chapter 93: Writers Group – The Heroine’s Journey

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Chapter 84: Sci-Fi – Anda Globe Corp

Writing Exercise Playing around with dystopian/sci-fi themes in Writers Group recently. This was the result. A little rough, in need of a heavy edit and unfinished – but fun to write. I love sci-fi!! Anda Globe Corp Malleytec walked down the long, dank hall.… Continue Reading “Chapter 84: Sci-Fi – Anda Globe Corp”

Chapter 82: Writing Exercise – Poetry continued.

Another lovely evening filled with laughs and camaraderie at Writers Group last night. We have a new member. A delightfully patient man who had shelved his poetry for a few years and was looking for like-minded people to reacquaint himself with the craft. He… Continue Reading “Chapter 82: Writing Exercise – Poetry continued.”

Chapter 78: Poetry: When I was a Witch

Poetry Exercise. Trying to creatively express some current interests without being so over the top obvious. Failing badly. I’m either subtle as a rodeo hippo or so cryptic that on a re-read even I don’t know what the hell I’m waffling about. To help… Continue Reading “Chapter 78: Poetry: When I was a Witch”

Chapter 77: Poetry Then & Now…Part 2

Writers group is great for my mental health, not so much for my ever expanding arse – the nibbles are first rate. Tonight we were treated to a delightful host, delightful poetry, classical, beautiful words in intricate covers and pages. I read the Jabberwocky… Continue Reading “Chapter 77: Poetry Then & Now…Part 2”