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Chapter 76: Poetry Now & Then

Writers Group Session – Poetry. Tonight we will have our poetry critiqued as well as reading out our personal favourites. I’ve got some cliched classics I enjoyed as a child and a teen as well as some new discoveries. I realise the featured image… Continue Reading “Chapter 76: Poetry Now & Then”

Chapter 73: Dream Poetry

Writers Group Exercise:  Dreamy, steamy, Jakey Appearing very suddenly I saw you at the bar Smiling back at me Gorgeously from afar We kiss We caress Every time we meet Long forgotten puppy love Deliciously sweet Hand holding Neck nuzzles We warmly embrace Paranoid… Continue Reading “Chapter 73: Dream Poetry”

Chapter 72: Confucius

Writing Exercise: Fortune Cookies This was a cool one. I love food writing prompts. They’re the best. I got: Be most affectionate tonight. The alarm blared. “It’s okay. You only need to leave when you hear ‘evacuate’,” the staff yelled out jovially and everyone… Continue Reading “Chapter 72: Confucius”

Chapter 68: 500 Words or Less (always more)

Writing Exercise – Fiction: 500 words or less Offred tilts her bonnet to the sky. The shade is almost unbelievable. A blue that makes the earth seem alien. She speaks of patience. A patience she’s been forced to embrace via the rape of her… Continue Reading “Chapter 68: 500 Words or Less (always more)”

Chapter 65: Writing Exercise – The Eless

Writers Group Exercise Please forgive shoddiness – this is an unedited draft. Opening scene. A small group of characters is gathered together for a particular purpose. Another character enters unexpectedly and does something that sparks a confrontation. Include dialogue and action. Make the setting… Continue Reading “Chapter 65: Writing Exercise – The Eless”

Chapter 60: Fiction – The Bus Driver

Zooroup Zelda yanked at the shirt, cursing her poor packing efforts. Tight tops were all the rage back home and she had stocked up at the winter sales. The only flowy garments she owned were either long sleeved or too outdated to be considered… Continue Reading “Chapter 60: Fiction – The Bus Driver”

Protected: Chapter 54: Writers Group – Writing Intimacy

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Protected: Chapter 21: Author Q&A

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Protected: Chapter 20: Writing Exercise – Big Brother

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