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Chapter 107: Page 90 & a half

Today was the day. The gmail alert went off early. I opened half an eyeball to check and there it was. The IngramSpark proof had arrived… again. But today… this day… it was going to be all good. the final copy. perfect. or at… Continue Reading “Chapter 107: Page 90 & a half”

Chapter 87: Winging It

Or – my life as a chicken wing buffet. The term “winging it” for me has been more of a life ethos I fell into for the sheer reasons of survival. When you’re not particularly bright and naive as a box full of puppies,… Continue Reading “Chapter 87: Winging It”

Chapter 85: Eff You em – en – em — dash

“I’ve always put a space between the dash when I’m writing. It’s aesthetically pleasing and I’ve seen it done in plenty of books and online.” Never put a space before or after an en dash. Whilst the trend is becomming more popular online, particularly… Continue Reading “Chapter 85: Eff You em – en – em — dash”

Chapter 66: Foreword By a fellow self-publisher

FOREWORD * * * One day I hope this page is filled with the words of ***************. Originally I was going to beg her to write me a foreword even though she doesn’t know me from Bob. But life is life and I poured… Continue Reading “Chapter 66: Foreword By a fellow self-publisher”

Protected: Chapter 11:

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.