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Chapter 66: Sampson House, Fremantle

Earlier this year my family and I visited the delightful Sampson House in Fremantle. It was one of those days where everything seemed misty and sparkly and maybe, just maybe fairies were rustling amongst the garden beds. Magic was totally in the air. And… Continue Reading “Chapter 66: Sampson House, Fremantle”

Chapter 43: The Suckiness of accidental Prophecy

From So You Are… Pregnant! Those who dropped the β€œYou’re just pregnant” comment did so only once… (she says like a Mother dragon who just charred a city of naysayers to the ground and breathes in the ashes of her handy work). So You… Continue Reading “Chapter 43: The Suckiness of accidental Prophecy”

Protected: Chapter 27: historical fiction: The ball, outdoor theatre, esplanade dinner

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Chapter 22: Dear Fremantle

Return to the Warder’s Cottage In doing my research for The Warder’s Cottage it has been super frustrating how little information there is on Henderson Street, particularly visuals. I’ve come across the basics regarding its timeline, a little history and a few random stories… Continue Reading “Chapter 22: Dear Fremantle”

Protected: Chapter 21: Historical fantasy: Eliza

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