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Chapter 113: My son’s cinquain poems

Quarantine Poetry by my boy x A Cinquain is a 5 lined poem with the following syllable sequence: 2, 4, 6, 8, 2 Awesome Bones Systems (2 syllables) With my bone works (4 syllables) Not crumb(a)ling good thing (6 syllables) Of course my body… Continue Reading “Chapter 113: My son’s cinquain poems”

Chapter 112 : Writers Group Covid19 Skyp

First writers Skype group tonight since corona crazy laid its ugly rotten egg over us all. Little glitchy here and there – but all in all – an awesome night. Didn’t realise how much I would relish seeing familiar faces. It’s all very weird… Continue Reading “Chapter 112 : Writers Group Covid19 Skyp”

Chapter 110: Poetry – Blood Lady

WRITING This is a quick little poem I was compelled to write. I’ve just been for a checkup and as I walked to an impromptu blood test – the woes and worries of the world had a field day in my head. But the… Continue Reading “Chapter 110: Poetry – Blood Lady”

Chapter 88: Fanny Fan Out – Poetry: The Oracle Pythia

The Oracle Pythia – Poetry. This is an ode to the delightful What’s Her Name pod-casters who transported me to ancient Greece during a recent solo commute to Albany. This episode was truly captivating. I cannot recommend these auditory magicians enough if you are… Continue Reading “Chapter 88: Fanny Fan Out – Poetry: The Oracle Pythia”

Protected: Chapter 79: Fanny Fan Out – Poetry: Hester Pulter

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Chapter 78: Poetry: When I was a Witch

Poetry Exercise. Trying to creatively express some current interests without being so over the top obvious. Failing badly. I’m either subtle as a rodeo hippo or so cryptic that on a re-read even I don’t know what the hell I’m waffling about. To help… Continue Reading “Chapter 78: Poetry: When I was a Witch”

Chapter 74: When God was Femme

Fangirl poetry inspired by real life heroine – Dr Bettany Hughes. Her documentary – When God was a Girl is inspirational. A fascinating and in-depth flip of history and how the past has shaped who we are and why many of the issues we… Continue Reading “Chapter 74: When God was Femme”

Chapter 73: Dream Poetry

Writers Group Exercise:  Dreamy, steamy, Jakey Appearing very suddenly I saw you at the bar Smiling back at me Gorgeously from afar We kiss We caress Every time we meet Long forgotten puppy love Deliciously sweet Hand holding Neck nuzzles We warmly embrace Paranoid… Continue Reading “Chapter 73: Dream Poetry”

Chapter 33: Josephine@thepantheon

josephine@thepantheon i walked as i had a millennia before to the Pantheon stood staring as a lover longingly content taking in alone But you would not let me jeer jester leer molester as a windmill a play thing sparkly twirling bark your language as… Continue Reading “Chapter 33: Josephine@thepantheon”

Protected: Chapter 10: Poetry – Niche Wankery

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.