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Chapter 75: Love Letter – Dear Alanis

This starts off cutting, but I promise it gets kinder. Dear Alanis, The first time I heard you was in my Mum’s shit hot Carona with a custom fitted bonnet to rival any street car – we were quite the envy of my peers.… Continue Reading “Chapter 75: Love Letter – Dear Alanis”

Chapter 74: When God was Femme

Fangirl poetry inspired by real life heroine – Dr Bettany Hughes. Her documentary – When God was a Girl is inspirational. A fascinating and in-depth flip of history and how the past has shaped who we are and why many of the issues we… Continue Reading “Chapter 74: When God was Femme”

Chapter 2: Tererai Trent Awakening

Tinogona: It is achievable. This was my awakening for 2018!┬áThere were a few books that helped me overcome my love of the vino and this one helped me overcome the fear of remembering who I was – other than an extraordinarily talented boozer. It… Continue Reading “Chapter 2: Tererai Trent Awakening”