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Chapter 81 : Writers Group Covid19 Skyp

First writers Skype group tonight since corona crazy laid its ugly rotten egg over us all. Little glitchy here and there – but all in all – an awesome night. Didn’t realise how much I would relish seeing familiar faces. It’s all very weird… Continue Reading “Chapter 81 : Writers Group Covid19 Skyp”

Chapter 77: Page 90 & a half

Today was the day. The gmail alert went off early. I opened half an eyeball to check and there it was. The IngramSpark proof had arrived… again. But today… this day… it was going to be all good. the final copy. perfect. or at… Continue Reading “Chapter 77: Page 90 & a half”

Chapter 68: Heroines Journey – Part 2

Writers Group Exercise Week 2: Homework – re-write a fairy tale based on the Heroines Journey Model. This is my attempt with the steps integrated because my brain isn’t that clever. Enjoy. Snow White and Rose Red STEP 1: Separation from the Feminine. I… Continue Reading “Chapter 68: Heroines Journey – Part 2”

Chapter 60: Winging It

Or – my life as a chicken wing buffet. The term “winging it” for me has been more of a life ethos I fell into for the sheer reasons of survival. When you’re not particularly bright and naive as a box full of puppies,… Continue Reading “Chapter 60: Winging It”

Protected: Chapter 26: Forgotten Women of Western Australia

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Chapter 23: Josephine@thepantheon

josephine@thepantheon i walked as i had a millennia before to the Pantheon stood staring as a lover longingly content taking in alone But you would not let me jeer jester leer molester as a windmill a play thing sparkly twirling bark your language as… Continue Reading “Chapter 23: Josephine@thepantheon”

Chapter 22: Dear Fremantle

Return to the Warder’s Cottage In doing my research for The Warder’s Cottage it has been super frustrating how little information there is on Henderson Street, particularly visuals. I’ve come across the basics regarding its timeline, a little history and a few random stories… Continue Reading “Chapter 22: Dear Fremantle”

Chapter 12: Critiquing – sleek & meek

348 years ago my identity was firmly set as WRITER. I was Writer Girl. An unorganised cluttered life overflowing with notebooks, literature and mopey hair. The full cliche. That was a looooooooooooonnnnngggggg time ago. So launching back into Writer Girl mode as the older,… Continue Reading “Chapter 12: Critiquing – sleek & meek”

Chapter 11: Dear Jennifer Lawrence

I despise the word “fitness”. It awakens in me an adolescent dragon I’d rather leave to slumber in the sub-cockles of my past. Equally obnoxious trigger words like – “active wear” and “burpees” give me the voms (who felt compelled to name a torturous… Continue Reading “Chapter 11: Dear Jennifer Lawrence”

Protected: Chapter 8: Poetry – Niche Wankery

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.